Mindshare LA 5/2009


Mindshare LA
Mindshare was created to serve as a technophile haven for networking and the sharing of ideas across a wide range of fields.
The monthly event consists of presentations, food, drink, interactive art and music, within the ambiance of a stunning loft outside of downtown LA. A recent addition to the mindshare-labs team, which concocts many of the exhibits and art pieces for the event, I also gave a talk on Social Robotics as part of the May 21, 2009 program. Eric Gradman’s shadowsmoke is pictured above.

Mindshare was reviewed by Fast Company, as can be seen at http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/gregory-ferenstein/fastminds/fast-networking-mindshare

In May I demoed the Sensate Bear. For the June Mindshare, I created a bicycle-powered blender (mechanism pictured below), which will be souped up for future events.


heather knight

Social Roboticist
San Francisco / Corvallis / Portland
Twitter: @HeatherKnight


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