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Little Green : SoCal sustainability
Sip cocktails, exchange ideas and get green with fun, inspiring people! Official webpage here!
Founded by Heather in August 2009, this event occurs every second month in Downtown LA. One can generally reserve tickets and get directions at:
You can also join our Facebook group:

We share a mutual interest in sustainability and having a good time. This event spreads the news about green events in LA and explores the possibilities for self-education, change and activism through speaker-led roundtables introducing hot green topics and ideas relevant to Southern California. Here is a sampling of our first events. More info on the website!


December 2009 featured:

Tracy Hepler presents — One click away from a sustainable day

Daniel Busby — Electric Cars: Not Just a Chick Magnet

Dr. Suzanne Bennet — Whole body awareness

Sustainability Challenge: Paul McCartney’s Meat-free Mondays

October 2009 featured:
Dan Goods: JPL Artist presents Earth-facing satellites’ impact on climate change research

Ryan Matulka: UCLA solar panel activist

Al Seckel: Physicist and optical illusionist presents his secret new company (shhh!) and their novel approach to changing the world.

Special Feature: The Carbon Peepshow

August 2009 featured:

Sarah Shewey of Pink Cloud presents Carpool Conversations;
a short film featuring: Fallen Fruit and Zaproot

Robert Fizia presents: La Serra, the ‘green Home Depot’

Mr. Stamen: LA Guerilla Gardening

Sustainability Challenge : 3, 2, 1… saving gas money is sexy

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