Dorkbot SoCal 7/11


Dorkbot SoCal
people doing strange things with electricity (and ROBOTS!)
I presented some exciting robotics projects at Dorkbot SoCal on July 11, 2009, held at Machine Project. My official bio and talk description on their site is as follows:

A newbie Angelino and recent alumnus from the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, Heather is a Social Roboticist who works at the Jet Propulsion Lab. She has two degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a minor in Mechanical Engineering, working in Robotics since 2002 under Professor Cynthia Breazeal. This dorkbot she will present her work enabling robots to understand nonverbal human gestures and talk about the potentials for interactive technology incorporated into everyday objects, such as clothing.

Jody Zellen projection and Heather Knight robot teddy bear

heather knight

Social Roboticist
San Francisco / Corvallis / Portland
Twitter: @HeatherKnight


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