Heather Knight

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    Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute

PhD student in Robotics

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

M.S. 2008 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
B.S. 2006 in Electrical Engineering with minor in Mechanical Engineering.

Relevant coursework: Biomedical Devices Design, Artificial Intelligence, Analog Circuits, Neuroscience, Computer Programs, Robotics, Design and Manufacturing, Computation Structures, Audio Perception in Machines and Humans, Signals and Systems, Modern Poetry, Electromagnetics, Feedback Systems, Thermal- Fluids Engineering, Modeling Dynamics and Control, Mechanics and Materials, Linear Algebra, Probability, Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, Quantitative Physiology, Electricity and Magnetism, Classical Mechanics, Solid-State Chemistry.

Lexington High School. Class of 2001.


Syynlabs: OK GO RGM, Technology-based Artist and Engineer, 2009-Ongoing.
NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab: Stellar Interferometry Software & Robotics, 2008-2010.
MIT Mobility Lab: The Cloud, Interactive Sculpture Software. Summer 2008. Florence, Italy.
Aldebaran Robotics: CDD in Sensor Design and Electronics. Spring 2007. Paris, France.
MIT Media Lab: Research Assistant for Prof. Cynthia Breazeal of Robotic Life, Prof. Deb Roy of
Cognitive Machine
- THE HUGGABLE, robot companion with affective, relational touch. Sensate Skin, 2007, Thesis
- Trisk, a robot that understands language by sensing its environment. Head Design, 2004-2005
- RoCo, a robotic computer for learning companion research. Principle Designer, Summer 2004
- Cyberflora, interactive robotic flowers. Mechanical Designer, September 2002-January 2003 (Featured in the Simthsonian/Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum Triennial in NYC)
- Public Anemone, interactive exhibit featured in SIGGRAPH 2002. Assistant Designer 2002
Siemens: Finite Element Analysis. Summer 2004. Munich, Germany.
MIT Artificial Gravity Lab: Conducted artificial gravity experiments. Fall 2001.


2007: Teaching Assistant for Analog Circuits Laboratory, MIT
2006: CSAIL / National Science Foundation: AI History Website and AAAI Fellow Interviews.
Zanahoria, Senior Project. Analog bunny robot chases human-controlled, IR-emitting carrot.
6.002 Lab Assistant. Worked with students for two Intro Elec. Eng. lab classes.
2003: Analog Plasma Globe. 6.101 Spring 2003. Plasma globe and power supply design.
Robot Mechanical Design. Spring 2003. Created jumping robot, part of a MIT wide contest.
2002: Teaching Fellow for Mission 2006: The Amazon Rainforest. Fall 2002. Led class section.


-Software development in Python, Java, C, C++
-Webprogramming with html, php/MySQL
-Microcontroller Programming with PICs and Arduino
-PCB Schematic Design and Layout using Eagle or Altium
-Mechanical design using Solidworks and Machine shop
-Analog Circuitry and Sensors
-Languages include Spanish, German and intermediate French


Amigos de Las Americas: Project Supervisor in Oaxaca, Mexico, Summer 2005
On staff, trained the 60 participants, responsible for ten of the volunteers. In their two months there, their focus was cultural exchange, leadership, community organizing, nutrition and cultural promotion. We also won funding for a non-profit pharmacy from the Amigos International office.
Amigos de Las Americas: Volunteer in Intibuca, Honduras, Summer 2001
Lived with host family and coordinated home improvement projects for individual families throughout the community. Conducted health talks and projects at the school such as a new basketball court.

Hobbies: Salsa dancing, karaoke, TRAVELING, film festivals.